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Established Oak Harbor location in 2019

We are a family owned and operated business since 2006 serving only the best gyros for the best customers.

We understand when a local business that everyone knew and loved gets bought by knew owners and establishes a new company that there might be some doubt over whether the new company will be as good as the old one. I have worked with Nadya since they opened and I can assure you the business that was here before is still here now - just a new name. Give us a chance to show you just how good we can be.

Our Journey

I am Jessie Abrahamson and I started right here in Oak Harbor WA working for David and Nadya Flynn back in 1998 since they owned Gyros R Us Cafe, which then became Flynn's Greek House, and before I took over the business - Nadyas Greek Cuisine. I went out with them at all the festivals, then ultimately I decided to buy my first food truck in 2006.

I have been running the food truck ever since. But in 2018 Nadya announced to me she was retiring from the business and we talked about taking it over for her - after all, I have been with her since the beginning.

So in January 2019 me and my partner Chris officially bought the restaurant I grew up working in and moved the name from the food truck to the new location. That's how AB's Hillbilly Gyros came to Oak Harbor.

Best Quality

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Family Owned

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Customer Experience

A few nice things people have to say about us

Best restaurant on the island, heck, Washington state. I absolutely love going there, and dont see this changing anytime soon. If you like a family friendly environment with amazing food, this is the place to go.

Rich Toften - Local Guide

Google review

Great food, love the new menu. Ab’s Is very similar to Nadyas Greek Cuisine and for good reason. She learned from and worked with nadya for years. If you loved the old place then definitely try it out now! You will be very pleased.

John Scott

Google review

We went for the first time today since the change of ownership. As much as we miss Nadya, the staff at the new restaurant was super accommodating and super fun to interact with- very pleasant service! It was a great falafel sandwich for under $10. (NO dead plants were observed during our visit.)

Tori Johnson

Google review

Wonderful Gyros.. will def eat there again. Loved how it's a family business and it was a teaching moment for your daughter on the register.. Love it!

Dino Hristopoulos - Local Guide

Google review

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